Citizens Helping to Determine Michigan’s Rail Future

The federal Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008 (PRIIA) requires states to prepare state rail plans in order to receive federal rail grants.  The Michigan Department of Transportation is in the early stages of putting Michigan’s rail plan together. Public participation and input is required for a successful state rail plan.

In the summer and fall, 2010, the Michigan Environmental Council, the Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers and partner organizations will convene a series of public forums throughout the state in an effort to engage Michigan citizens in a discussion about their vision for the state’s passenger and freight rail system.

The Michigan by Rail public forums will include:

  • An overview of the state’s existing rail system
  • An interactive rail mapping session
  • A discussion of public financing issues for rail projects and service
  • A statewide vision for freight, intercity passenger and commuter rail

One response to “Citizens Helping to Determine Michigan’s Rail Future

  1. Please make sure Roger Mervau and Andy Andres attend this forum up in Traverse City. They won a Smithosonian Transportion Design award a couple of years back; for their design of high speed multi-hubbed commuter train system throughout Michigan.

    Their visionary and common sense way of linking trains, destinations and hubbed/personal vehicle transportation was truly creative and do-able.

    Please contact them, The are in The Traverse City area creating new things for people and places.

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