MDOT’s state rail plan comment website was broken and did not record input submitted before about noon today (8/27/2010).


Please re-submit your comments.  Thanks.

One response to “PLEASE NOTE:

  1. 28 years of living in Yokohama Japan taught me the value of passenger train service, high speed or slow. Of course, there public transport is necessary to move a lot of people around a small space … think subways in Manhattan, NY.

    After I retired to Traverse City, more than a hundred miles above the east-west rail corridor in southern Michigan, I thought often of the advantages of rail travel. From Traverse City we can fly or drive, neither of which is a happy option if you have young children or are aging seniors.

    In Japan, train lines connect major stores. How convenient would it be go by rail from Meijers in one Michigan city to another? Our public buses always stop at Olesons, Toms, Glens and Meijers. Must all of the cost be borne by state and federal funds?

    Let’s look outside the U.S. for possible solutions.

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