The State of Michigan has a robust rail system that consists of both freight and passenger services. The rail system is an important component of Michigan’s economy and will continue to evolve with state, national and global economic trends. Given this importance, Transportation For Michigan (Trans4M) has put a policy priority on rail in our Michigan By Rail campaign.

The goal of the Michigan By Rail team is to increase the diversification of transportation options in Michigan through the reinstatement of former passenger rail services around the state. Currently, the Michigan By Rail team is focusing on three distinct efforts building towards this goal. These efforts are:

Trans4M’s Michigan By Rail team includes the Michigan Environmental Council, Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers, Michigan Land Use Institute, Michigan Technological University Rail Transportation Program, Freshwater Transit, and Friends of WALLY. Some past projects of the team include the 2010 Michigan By Rail Forums, the 2011 Michigan Rail Summit, and organizing public engagement with MDOT’s Great Lakes Rail Corridor Study.

Be sure to follow along with the team’s progress, as well as related rail news, through Facebook and Twitter.

For more information regarding the Michigan By Rail campaign, you can contact Liz Treutel, liz@environmentalcouncil.org, at the Michigan Environmental Council.


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